Gili Air

An excerpt of my time taking it easy, but taking it.

My week on Gili Air largely blurs into one long feeling of waking up to warm, sunny mornings, wandering over to the beach for the routine morning banana pancakes and cup of messy, unpretentious, delicious Lombok coffee; admiring the blue sea views; cuddling Gingerale, the outspoken resident cat; taking a dip in the warm sea when it got too hot; and, in between, reading, taking photos, relaxing, thinking, dreaming, snoozing, meeting other travellers, playing cards, playing Connect-4, and making deep friendships with the Legend barmen – Eges, Andy, Bin; Manex, the cool as hell 15 year old who would sit at his post at the bar with a cigarette casually balanced between his lips or behind one ear, an effortlessly cool mohawk, unrivalled beauty and a shy smile that would consistently dumbfound me with its radiance; the hilarious BonBon, Kadek, the legendary Anto, who had an infinite repertoire of magic tricks and never failed to catch me out with his dry sense of humour; and the wonderful Edi, who became our best friend and trusty confidant during our time on Gili Air and Lombok – friendly, charming, with the most infectious smile and cheeky sense of humour, an unwavering ability to make friends, make people feel welcome, and create an atmosphere full of kindness, positivity and adventure.

X1SF4697aX1SF4762X1SF5119X1SF4708aGili Air transport


Images: The island’s default colour scheme; Gingerale, in one of her rare quiet moments; Edi – details to remember; “Relax, and let’s hunting a sunset by camera!” – Legend Bar, Gili Air’s best sunset spot; Gili Air transport.

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